Top 10 Pico Projectors

Pico Projectors, also known as handheld projectors, are companion products for portable devices such as cameras, mobile phones and tablets. These pico projectors provide a convenient way to quickly project the content of these devices onto any surface such as walls, notebooks, or airplane food trays, as well as, a new array of portable projection screens sized and designed for pico projectors and presenter mobility. Pico projectors use either an LED or laser light source which effectively eliminates the need for lamp replacement over the useful life of a pico.

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Join The Peoples Mobilization Against Racism

GENEVA 17 TO 19 APRIL, 2009

The Civil Society Forum for the Durban Review Conference will be held in Geneva 17 to 19 April 2009 as a Peoples input and preparation for the Durban Review Conference which takes place at the UN in Geneva 20 to 24 April and which will review the implementation of the United Nations programme for action against racism that was adopted at the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa.

Racism still poses a tremendous threat to justice and wellbeing of people around the globe and powerful actors seek to erode and prevent the UN programmes and commitments against racism from being realized. Thus there is a greater need than ever for Civil Society to come together in support of the implementation of the agreed UN framework against racism and plan for renewed activities and work against racism and racial discrimination.

While progress in some areas of the struggle against racism may have been made, much more remains to be done, and attention has to be given to deal with new forms of manifestations of racial discrimination and xenophobia that have emerged since Durban 2001.

The Civil Society Forum will be addressed by leaders in the global struggle against racism and racial discrimination in its plenary sessions and provide for a range of simultaneous working groups that will address key areas in the Durban follow up. The April 17 to 19 Forum will be a place to exchange information about their experiences, share knowledge and coordinate inputs into the Review Conference, plan future activities and cooperative actions in support of upholding the achievements accomplished at the World Conference Against Racism and build on them.

In a climate of growing intolerance and North-South disagreements on critical issues many obstacles were put in the way of having a Civil Society Forum based on the perspectives of the victims of racism and racial discrimination. Yet the organisers are convinced of the success of the Civil Society Forum and its potential of bringing together a great number of Civil Society organisations, victims groups and common people dedicated to dedicated to fighting racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. With the participation of all groups and persons of good will it is bound to send a powerful message of support for the reaffirmation and full implementation the agreed UN programmes and mandates for combating racism.

Most of the activities for the Forum will take place in meeting halls around the Place Plainpalais area in Geneva. The area is well connected by public transportation, including some 5 minutes from the railway station with tram 13 and 15. The registration and welcome desk for the Forum will be at Maison des Associations, 15 Rue des Savoises, Geneva, in the same area and will be open from Friday morning April 17th.

During Saturday afternoon Forum participants will join with local Swiss and neighbouring countries activists in a large public manifestation and demonstration in support of the Durban Review Conference that will depart from a place near the Forum.

The Civil Society Forum is organized on request of NGOs and Civil Society organisations from all parts of the world and with their active participation in the development of the programme.